Kleinlein, Ricardo

Kleinlein, Ricardo

To learn is my passion. I am fascinated by how machine learning can help us finding out the patterns that build our perception of the world around. Teamwork, communication and new challenges are my daily motivation.

2019 – PhD. Student – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

Focus on the analysis of cognitive appraisals (aesthetics, attention and memorability) as indicators of the viewer’s affective experience after consuming multimedia productions. – Assistant Teacher at Intelligence in Electrical Systems, MSc. Electrical Systems (Spring 2020) – Directed 3 Undergraduate-level thesis.

2018 – Research Intern National Institute of Informatics, Japan

Worked on multimodal, multitask novel methodologies in automatic speech synthesis using self-learning models at the Yamagishi-Lab.

2017 – Research Intern Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
Carried out a comprehensive study on the effect of different word-embedding-extraction pipelines in automatic speech recognition models.

2018 – 2017 – Co-founder Nautilus.AR, Madrid, Spain
Augmented reality for educational purposes from a gamification-based strategy. Finalist project in ActúaUPM and Yuzz-Santander.

2017 – 2015 – Researcher Medicsen, London, UK & Madrid, Spain
Designed and implemented from scratch a State-of-the-Art automatic glycaemic curve predictor for Diabetes type I patients.