Sarquella, Ester

Sarquella, Ester

Ester Sarquella es directora de Desarrollo de Negocio de Salud para el Sur de Europa en Tunstall Healthcare. Miembro de juntas y comités de diversas iniciativas como la Sociedad Catalana de Salud Digital creada recientemente; El panel internacional de asesores en la estrategia digital escocesa para la salud y el bienestar; o el Consejo Asesor del proyecto InnovCare de la UE entre otros. Ester Sarquella es también educadora social, psicopedagoga y tiene un máster en función directiva de servicios públicos. Ha sido miembro del comité operativo en el Plan de atención integrada de la Generalidad de Cataluña los últimos 4 años. Anteriormente desarrolló su carrera en la dirección ejecutiva de servicios sociales. También fue profesora asociada del Departamento de Pedagogía de la Universidad de Vic y aún mantiene un rol docente en diferentes instituciones.


Ester Sarquella is Business Development Director for Digital Health  Tunstall Healthcare. Southern Europe  2017 – Ongoing

Responsible for creating and developing collaborative opportunities across Healthcare market. Helping organizations understand technology as an agent for change and developing new models around service delivery, integration and personalization to truly transform services to manage demand and deliver outcomes.

Manager and advisor for Integrated Care  Inter-Ministerial Plan for integrated health and social care  Government of Catalonia (Via TicSalut Foundation)  2014 – 2017

Advisory role for the development, implementation, and evaluation of all the programs related to the integrated care policy within the healthcare system and the social services system in Catalonia; Supporting the governance and development of integrated care partnerships; Promote the research agenda in integrated care; Cooperating with international and national stakeholders, cooperation agencies, non-governmental organizations, private sector.

Academic Board and lecturer. Master for Management in Primary Healthcare, Hospitals and Social Care (GESSAPH)  University of Barcelona. IL3. Barcelona 2014 – 2017

Quality assurance in academic activities including maintenance of high standards in teaching; development of the academic activities of the master; fostering and maintenance of the closest possible connections with industry, commerce, professions, arts, and other external links; Lecturer

Executive Manager in Social Services. Social Services and Citizenship Services Area.  Mancomunitat la Plana (Local Government)  2006 – 2014

Planning and management of the operational program, human resources and financial areas, community relations and advocacy for local government (10 municipalities) with a high-level team of 31 professionals directly accountable and 1M€ budget.


SME on Integrated Care, Digital health & Care and Social Services  Due to my professional experience and development I am now a person with high knowledge and skills in this particular area of endeavor at both, national and global level.

Networking & Business Relationship Strategy  Because of my personal relational and communication skills I reached a highlighted networking ability to advance profits and perform at the highest level in my area of expertise.

Consulting Role  High skilled supporting and helping professionals, teams and organizations to improve and innovate their performance, leading, and engaging them to a transformational vision, giving expert advice or managing change.

Proficient Digital Profile  I have developed a strong digital literacy. A regular & strong presence in social networks [Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+] with significant reputation support the statement.


Educational Psychology Bachelor — University of Vic  2009 – 2011

Master on High Public Management Role — Catalan School for Public Admin.  2008 – 2009

Social Education Bachelor  — School or University  1997 – 2000


External Experts Panel

Scotland’s Digital Health and Care Strategy

Scottish Government


Advisory role to help ensure that a broad knowledge and evidence base is taken into account in the development of the new Strategy for Scotland is taken into account.

Advisory Board InnovCare

Innovative Patient-Centered Approach for Social Care Provision to Complex Conditions


2014 – ongoing

Advisory role for this project co-funded by the European Commission.

Scientific Advisory Committee

TicSalut Foundation (ehealth Foundation)

2014 – 2017

Advise the Directive Board of TicSalut Foundation and guide it in the development of strategies to expand and deepen ICTs, as well as an overarching and global vision in the field of ehealth and care.

Executive Board

Forum ITESSS. Innovation, transformation and excellence for healthcare and social services.


2014 – December 2016

General management of the Forum for Innovation, Transformation & Excellence in Health and social Care; Head of project: Health and social care shared outcome framework


Health and Social Care Shared Electronic Records

Interministerial Plan for Integrated Care, ehealth division from the Ministry of Health and Barcelona city Council.

Coleader of the project

July 2014 – Finish March 2017

Additional Info

InterSocial: Semantic interoperability for social services

Cathedra Tic Salut, Cathedra of Social Services, TicSalut Foundation and Inter-Ministerial Plan for integrated care. Member of the monitoring committee and coleader of a work package.

January 2016 – December 2016

More about at: TicSalut Foundation (CAT) University of Vic (CAT)

Terminological Consensus for Integrated Care

Termcat and Generalitat de Catalunya.

Co leadership of the project and Scientific research role.

October 2015 – December 2016

More about at: Termcat

Screening tool for complex social care needs identification

Diputació de Barcelona (provincial gov)

Member of the Inter-institutional directive board. Ongoing project. Started September 2015.

More about at: IJIC

IEXPAC Assessment Tool for Chronic Condition Patient Experience

MSD -Merk

Development and validation Team. (Shared authorship). January 2016

More about at: IEXPAC


  • Stewards of Change. Annual National Symposium “Advancing Progress During Disruptive Times: The Critical Roles of Innovation, Interoperability, and Technology in HHS”. Washington, June 2017.Speaker at theInternational Session: What States Can Learn from International Health and Social Care Innovators
  • ESN Seminar. Investing in social services workforce. November 2016. Bratislava. Session 2 moderation.
  • WoHIT parallel event: Digital Health in Catalonia. November 2016. Presentation of the project. “Standard definition of a controlled vocabulary to ensure semantic interoperability of information systems in the field of social services”
  • Policy focus group on Integrated Care for reporting the Expert group on health systems performance assessment. European Commission. Health & Food Safety Directore General. September 2016. Member of the policy focus group
  • International Congress of social policy. June 2016. Varsaw Polskie Towerzystwo Polityki Sporecznej. International experiencesin Social Policy.
  • Los retos del sistema de salud actual: el paciente, valor y sostenibilidad. Live Summit with Rafa Bengoa, Sir Muir Gray, Beatriz González & Ester Sarquella Powerful Conversations.
  • ADASS Spring Seminar. 14th 15th March. Birmingham. Plenary session: “International conversations: Integrated care strategy in Catalonia” & Workshop presentation “Digital Health enabling integrated care”
  • ECHAlliance. Digital Health and Welfare Summit. Mobile World Congress. February 2016. Barcelona. Integrated Care: When health and social care work together
  • Technology Services Association. International Technology Enabled Care Conference 2015. Newport. Technology as driver for integrated care in Catalonia
  • Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network. Meet, Match, Fund event. Leeds. November 2015. How technology is supporting integrated care in Catalonia
  • European Social Network. Service Integration Seminar. November 2015. Manchester. Integrated Care Policies in Catalonia.
  • Comité National d’Orientation Stratégique d’Autonom@dom. May 2015. Paris. Disruptive innovation and integrated care
  • European Social Network. ESN Working Group on Ageing and Care. February 2015. Brighton. Policy Framework for integrated Care in Catalonia


  • International Conference in Integrated Care. May 2015. Edinburgh. Integrated Care in Catalonia. From policy to practice
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