Rodrigáñez, Ramón

Rodrigáñez, Ramón

NOVA SPAIN: CEO & Co-founder.


COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY: M.S. in Management Science & Engineering. GPA 4.0/4.0

New York, NY Sep 16 – Dec 2017

  • Fulbright Scholarship (25 given to Spaniards every year), Frydman Fellowship from Columbia
  • Combined Data Science with MBA courses (Marketing, Corporate Finance, Launch your Startup, etc.)


Industrial Engineering, graduating from both universities. GPA: 4.0/4.0

Madrid, Spain – Paris, France Sep 11 – May 16

  • Ranked #1 of the year at ICAI (>300 students). Top 1% of the year at ECP (>500 students)

UNIVERSITÉ PARIS DAUPHINE: Bachelor in Applied Economics. GPA: 4.0/4.0

Paris, France Sep 14 – May 15

  • Relevant courses: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Econometrics, Public Economy


NOVA SPAIN: CEO & Co-founder. Member-curated talent community connecting top young professionals and top companies, online and offline. Spanish Chapter of Nova Global (

Madrid, Spain Sep 15 – Today

  • Leading the team, recruiting, product development, sales and overall company strategy
  • Gathered +1.500 members and signed clients including McKinsey, BCG, Santander or P&G
  • Raised 120.000€ in investment in 3 rounds, with current valuation at 400.000€


Madrid, Spain Jun 15 – Aug 15 – Mar 18 – Today

Most relevant projects:

  • Banking: developed HR’s 3-year strategy plan and a Strategic Workforce Planning digital tool
  • Telecom: currently leading the creation and implementation of a ROI-optimized tool for deploying mobile networks based on Analytics and Big Data which reduces capex expenditure by 20%

TAGTOSHOP: Product Manager & Co-founder. Internet of Things startup which seeked to disrupt the apparel retailer sector by enabling self-checkout at brick-and-mortar stores.

New York, NY Jan 16 – Jan 17

  • Led the team’s overall go-to-market strategy, sales process and recruiting
  • Managed the creation of the first prototype, designing and implementing features of both hardware (RFID system) and software (Python-based Facebook chatbot).

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY: Part Time Data Analyst. Team Leader in an 8-person team working simultaneously in three projects. Coordinating team and assigning tasks.

New York, NY Sep 16 – May 17

  • Most relevant client: Fresh Direct. Created a neural-networks based predictive model to improve transportation capacity allocation through discount promotions with R and Python Co-founder. University project turned startup. Daskit provides a web app (SAS) that improves the interaction in university lectures. Sold my shares to one of the other co-founders

Paris, France Jun 14 – May 15

  • Formulated the idea and organized a 4-person international team to execute it
  • Coordinated the product development and designed the main features with Professors at ECP

MADA ECP 2014: Vice-president. Humanitarian Association at ECP which organizes a 6-week solidarity trip to Madagascar every year to collaborate with orphan disadvantaged children

Paris, France Sep 13 – Sep 14

  • Led a 12-person team and raised 35.000€ from public and private institutions
  • Implemented projects related to education, water and energy for 7 weeks in Madagascar