Merry del Val, Rafael

Merry del Val, Rafael

Rafael Merry Del Val

CEO & Co-Fundador – WECITY.IO


Experienced CEO and Executive Vice Chairman, with more than 30 years of experience in the real estate market, and a proven record of accomplishment and success in the real estate consulting sector.

Strong leadership capabilities as proven by his high-caliber expertise in the management of senior management teams for the integration and synergy of the different areas of the company. Sound clear objective of leading profitability, with a strong commitment to the shareholder dividend.


2020-Present – wecity 

CEO and CoFounder  

wecity real estate crowdfunding is the technological and innovate ecosystem where institutional promoters and investors communicate, finance, and share benefits with high level of transparency, and we work in the best interest of our clients.

wecity are authorized by CNMV with registration number 30.


CEO and Executive Vice Chairman, Member of the Board of Directors.

New Company with over 30 years of experience in the Spanish market, 430 employees and offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga.

With a Billing of 92.6 M and operating profit of 48.8. He manages 4M m2 and investment deals of 2,200 M euros.

Functions and accomplishments:

  • Institutional representation of the
  • Led the merge of two organizations by helping to integrate the two businesses, based on competencies and skills, with consolidation to one Company
  • Leading and motivating the management teams, ensuring
  • Contribution of the Savills culture to the new
  • Leading business pitches in high importance
  • Monitoring and control of the company’s strategic plan, Marketing Financial Research areas, and Operational activity, while ensuring costs and
  • Leadership of the company’s strategy being the strategic business areas: Residential and Shopping Centers.
  • Lead strategic projects of the Company (i.e. Castellana 81, Transversal Innovation Plan and Organizational Restructuring).
  • Identify and promote new business lines in coordination with

2007-2018 –  SAVILLLS SPAIN

Head of Country

With a billing of 11.7M€ in 2018 and a continuous increase in margin of 15%, Profitability of 33% and Market involvement of 286.000M2, Savills was number 1 in middle market, market deals and research. Top2 in office investments in Madrid and top3 in capital markets and valuations.


  • Transformation of the company from a small real estate agency to a relevant boutique reference in the Real Estate consultancy sector in Spain, being market leader in capital markets.
  • Increase turnover and match the size of the competition in the middle
  • New Organization Back Office (Financial, HR, IT, Marketing) with special emphasis on Research
  • Leading, influence and attraction of a new management team (15 people) on Valuation, Research and Capital Markets Areas.
  • Restructuring of the Residential Area (market crisis in 2009)
  • Turn deficit businesses such as Property Management, Asset Management, Industrial Logistics, Office Agency, Land and Development, into blue
  • Setting a special focus on the Research Area as a fundamental strategy to
  • Gave consistency, capitalizing market
  • Supported and advised the acquisition of A&N, under the agreement and receptivity on Savills CEO Mark Ridley, being the most relevant operation on the Real Estate market in

1999-2007 – KNIGHT FRANK

Managing Director Business Area

The Business Area arises because of the synergy between the Investments, Retail Investments, Agency and Valuations divisions.

Its objective was to offer global and flexible advice to developers and investors in the planning of Real Estate Management Strategy, location of investment, opportunities, management of investment portfolios, preparation of due diligence, as well as advice on commercial and marketing strategy.

Main services were Office products, commercial premises, industrial warehouses and turnkey operations on plots.


Key Account Director, Investment department

  • Control and monitoring of large companies at a global level
  • Identification of business areas with better prospects, search for market niches
  • Permanent contact with the international network of offices (Europe, USA, Latin America).
  • Presentations to large real estate funds, mostly European and North

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Rafael Merry del Val