Toril Castro, Alberto

Toril Castro, Alberto


Alberto brings a decade of international expertise in the energy sector, covering different angles of the value chain including clean technology projects development, open innovation, corporate venture investments, and energy policy advocacy.

Prior to joining Breakthrough Energy, he advised Iberdrola´s CEO as a Senior Business Specialist. From the Chairman Office, he controlled worldwide business operations, supported Executive Committees and Boards of Directors, and developed special analysis relevant for strategic corporate decisions. He was also part of the Corporate Venture Capital arm, where he managed investments in disruptive clean technology start-ups focused on the decarbonization of the power, heat, and transport sectors. He also spent several years of work in Qatar, where he built Iberdrola´s Innovation Hub for Open Innovation and managed technical consultancy projects for Utilities in the Middle East, including power grids digitalization, renewables integration, and energy efficiency programs.

He also worked at the International Energy Agency, where he co-authored several flagship publications including the World Energy Outlook (WEO) and World Energy Investment (WEI), being responsible for power sector market investments analysis for IEA scenarios. He also developed economic models for networks, renewables, and energy storage analysis.

Outside of work, Alberto loves traveling and meeting people. He cares for sea life where he enjoys doing two of his hobbies, surfing, and scuba-diving. He holds three MSc in Industrial Engineering, Renewable Energy and Energy Business, and a PMP Certificate from the Project Management Institute.